Monday, August 8, 2016

10 Child Prodigies That Will Make You Feel Terrible About Your Talents

Think you’re pretty good at singing, or playing the piano? You’re not. Ok maybe you are, but you’re probably not as good as these kids (are they even human kids?...). A good motto to live by is, if a 5-year-old can do it better than you, your life is depressing. Or in other terms, you really need to step up your game in life, like immediately. Prepare to be mind-blown as you watch these 10 tiny tots do things you could only dream of.

1. World’s Youngest Opera Singer - Jackie Evancho, Age 10

No there is not a track being played over this video, and no she’s not lip-syncing. That is her real voice. Little Jackie skyrocketed to stardom on America’s Got Talent at 10 years old, and she is now (for very good reason) world-famous. Watch her very first audition on America’s Got Talent here.

2. Composer and Violinist - Alma Deutscher, Age 9

This 9-year-old girl is the soloist of her own violin concerto, and get this, she even composed the piece. WHAT? I’m sorry, what?

I remember I actually tried to learn the violin at age 9, and I got as far as a very screechy twinkle-twinkle-little-star until my parents told me the violin had mysteriously grown legs and left the house.

3. Pianist - Tsung Tsung, Age 5

At the beginning of the video you may be thinking, phew seems like a normal 5-year-old, hyper and full of weird sounds, but soon as he starts to play the piano you will be convinced that thing is not 5 and is really a middle-aged pro pretending to be a kid.

4. Drummer - Lyonya Shilovsky, Age 3

This kid is 3…

It's a baby, playing the drums, with amazing skill and timing, with an orchestra.

No, that can’t be right, just no.

But yes, yes it is.

5. Singer - Caroline Costa, Age 12

This video entitled “Little Girl Sings like a Pro" with 84-million views is of super cute 12-year-old Caroline from France, singing a Christina Aguilera song like a pop star in miniature. 

6. Pianist - Ryan Wang, Age 5

Magnificent and adorable piano prodigy Ryan Wang, who is 5 years old, has a 101-year-old fan, Dorothy Landry. A special performance for her was arranged by CBC so she could hear him play right up close because she’s hard of hearing. Be prepared to weep when you see the emotion between the two friends. Don’t worry, I did too.

7. Harpist - Alisa Sadikova, Age 10

This 10-year-old girl from Russia plays The Fountain on a harp bigger than her, which is probably the music that plays at the gates of Heaven. Who knew it was played by a 10 year old.

8. Singer and Guitarist Duo - Aldrich and James, Age 14 and 18
These 2 Filipino boys perform a cover of Dance With My Father, and little Aldrich’s angelic voice will blow you away. A video that has inspired many tears and even an appearance on Ellen, it’s a must-watch.

9. Singer - Laura Kamhuber, Age 13

This 13-year-old girl from Germany singing I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston is pretty amazing. That voice is coming out of that tiny little thing? My singing career, it’s over.

10. Violinist - Samuel Tan, Age 9

Samuel Tan won an international violin competition at 9 years old, beating competitors in their 30s. I bet they felt like taking a long walk off a short pier.

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