Wednesday, February 24, 2016

5 Awesome Books About Music for Kids

Trying to get your kids interested in music? The benefits of learning an instrument on the developing brain has been well documented. Try any of these books to help get your children excited about music!

5. This Jazz Man By: Karen Ehrhardt, Pictures By: R.G. Roth

Set to the rhythm of the popular kids song “This Old Man”, this book is lots of fun to read aloud with kids of all ages! Some of the Jazz Musicians featured: Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, and Charles Mingus!

4. Play, Mozart, Play! By: Peter Sis

This is a great book about Mozart for young children. In this simple story, we learn about his life as a child and young musician.

3. Ah, Music! By: Aliki

This is a must-have for every young musician! This book provides a concise history of music, an introduction to the instruments of the orchestra, and an overview of many topics like conducting, harmony, and dance.

2. Can You Hear It? By: William Lach

This book, created by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is another great one for older children! Famous works of art are paired with musical selections from the included CD and William Lach asks questions of the readers for each piece. This book is interactive, engaging, and imaginative!

1. Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin By: Lloyd Moss, Pictures By: Marjorie Priceman

Meet the instruments of the orchestra with this classic book.

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