Monday, February 6, 2012

The 54th Annual Grammy Awards Air This Sunday!

The 54th Annual Grammy Awards, airing February 12th, will be awarding prizes to only 78 categories, compared to the 109 which were given last year.

In April 2011, The National Academy of Recording Arts responded to criticism that "too many categories were diluting the Grammy's impact" by making 31 category cuts and numerous consolidations to subcategories.

For example, the R&B category will only have 4 awards this year, compared to 8 last year. The classical and American roots field lost 4 categories, and pop, rock, and Latin each lost 3.

The Teajno, banda, norteno and regional Mexican albums, who each had their own winner last year, were combined and will award 1 winner for banda or norteno, and 1 winner for regional Mexican or Tejano.

In the pop, country and R&B fields, male and female performers who competed separately last year will be vying for the same award during this year's ceremony.

Some categories, like best Hawaiian album, best Native American album, and best rock or gospel album, will not be awarded at all this Sunday. Urban, contemporary, and alternative music also lost their categories.

How do you feel about the cuts made to the Grammy Awards?

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