Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is killing it with her latest album, "Born This Way"! This is only the 17th album to sell over a million copies in the first week, when SoundScan started tracking in 1991. Her album sold 1,108,000 copies in the first week, even with the Amazon fiasco which couldn't handle the traffic and couldn't deliver the promised album for only 99 cents for the first day of release.

There are five singles that have hit the Billboard Top 100, "Born This Way" was released four months ago and hit #1, "The Edge of Glory" is #8 this week, and "Marry the Night" debuted at #79. "You And I" debuted at #36, and "Judas" made it to the Top 100.

Lady Gaga was all over the place for this release, she was on the David Letterman show and The View and did a personal appearance at Best Buy where she signed her CD's for her fans. Her Little Monster fans love her for her message which is "Be yourselves, love who you are, and be proud". When she was asked, "Where do you go from here?"...Lady Gaga answered that she just wanted to keep making music and make her fans happy. She wanted her Little Monsters to remember that "she was fearless". With four singles in the Top 100 and her album #1 of the Top 200, it looks like everyone is cuckoo for GaGa.

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